“Attention!  Calling All Butterflies!”  How to Create a Butterfly Garden


Butterflies are truly unique.  Majestically clothed in feathery suits of bright colors, they float from flower to flower, doing their job by pollinating the plants wherever they go.  With their shy and gentle ways it’s only natural that they would appeal to practically everyone, so if you love butterflies and want to attract more of them to your garden, here is some information on the type of trees and shrubs they will be most likely to come to: Continue reading

5 Recommendations For Appropriate New Tree Care


So you’ve decided to buy a new tree have you?  Well, the idea sounds simple enough on the surface, but it can actually be quite involved.  You must keep in mind that the responsibility for correctly caring for your tree begins while you are choosing the tree you want, and that how that tree is treated during its first years of existence will leave a definite mark upon it in relation to its form, endurance, and even the length of its life.  Here are some suggestions to help you get started in the right way with your tree and how to maintain its health for the duration of its life: Continue reading

How to Care for An Arborvitae


There are many reasons why the popularity of arborvitaes is growing by leaps and bounds.  There are many advantages to raising these sturdy trees.  Besides their swift growth and the great heights they reach, they also remain green all year long, plus they are very flexible when it comes to enduring a vast range of soils and various climate conditions.  Interestingly enough, arborvitae is a Latin form of the French phrase “l’abre de vie,” which translates into “tree of life.”  Continue reading

Small Area, Small Trees


When it comes to planting trees in small areas, you can find yourself with a real dilemma on your hands.  That’s when it’s time to consider the benefits of small trees.

With small trees you aren’t getting less, and in some cases you may actually be getting a whole lot more than you bargained for.  Small trees are ideal for any landscape, even curbs and sidewalks, plus they dazzle with their own peculiar charm.  Here are some small trees you might like to try planting: Continue reading